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Disclaimer and User Agreement

  1. HKJSECS does not process your Facebook login credentials. The entire login authentication process is handled by Facebook.
  2. HKJSECS would obtain your permission for accessing your basic Facebook public information during the first-time registration process. This includes only your name, profile picture, list of friends and all other public parts of your Facebook profile. The Society has no intention to store the above mentioned information other than your name and the Facebook identification number, however, due to the design limitation of Facebook, the above mentioned information are revealed to third-party applications by default. Please refer to the latest Facebook public information policy and your Facebook application settings in order to review the range of information we can obtain.
  3. The permission to access the above mentioned information is crucial to this service (ECS Accounts). If you do not wish to grant us the permission to read the information, you may not use this service. By granting us the permission, you acknowledge and agree to be bounded by this Disclaimer and User Agreement.
  4. HKJSECS is not liable for any loss of money, goodwill or reputation, or any special, indirect or consequential damages arising, directly or indirectly, from your use of this service.
  5. By signing up for this service at HKJSECS, you acknowledge and agree to the following:
    • Your public profile picture and profile URI on Facebook will be accessible and shown publicly where applicable on our website.
    • All user-generated content (including but notwithstanding likes, votes and comments) and the related metadata (including but notwithstanding the name of the author, URI of the Facebook profile of the author and date) submitted through our website will be public unless otherwise stated.
    • Authorized Personnel may access the information provided by you to HKJSECS at any given time for purposes stated in the Personal Information Collection Statement.
    • Users of this service are responsible for safe-guarding their security of their ECS Account and related login credentials.
  6. HKJSECS reserves the rights to amend this Disclaimer and User Agreement.